Kemper Project - About Us

The Kemper Project website serves as a support for the clean coal campaign and the Kemper Innovation in Mississippi. It was created years and years ago for the campaign and the project itself. We dare to let the people know more about the Kemper Project and why the government wishes to innovate clean coal. We are aware of the critics and disagreements on this issue. However, if we do not let them see the reason why this thing was actually planned in the first place, then who will?

Even with intense criticism of the decisions and plans that happened years ago, we still dared to show them why clean coal is needed and why this Kemper Project needs to happen. We cannot let their lack of approval and understanding about this thing be the reason why we won’t let the innovation take place. Upon planning and deciding, we also agreed to make this website, to give more knowledge about clean coal and the Kemper Project. To help other people explore this issue more, we have put a lot of information and details, giving them the opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge about it. But thinking about it, we also agreed to con-sider other people’s opinions or let them express their own thoughts.

We decided to put a forum so anyone can talk about the Kemper Project in a free manner. The Kemper Project website considers all of your opinions and we only hope that they only consider our wish that we all speak freely yet politely at the same time. It is only our wish to make you explore clean coal yet tell and know all the different thoughts about it. We hope that you all get to expand your understand-ing through our website. Please make sure to tell it to us through the forum section or through email, thank you!

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