Hi, I always wondered about the Kemper Project and I just want to learn more about it. Can you tell me how I can read information and details about clean coal on this website?

Hello, thank you for the interest in this innovation. If you wish to read more about it and expand your knowledge about the Kemper Project, go ahead and click the ‘Kemper Project’ tab on the top part of the website. You will see various articles containing information and details about the issue, we hope you will learn more about it by reading them, thank you.

Do I have to create an account in order to post a question or a message at the forum section or is it not necessarily needed?

To keep people’s privacy, we made purposely did not require account creation. However, we will ask for a name (optional or can be changed) and also your email. Don’t worry, we won’t leak it or make use of it in any other way. We just need it to confirm that you are a user of our website and to send confirmation codes for your posts in the forum and also to let you know when someone replies to your post. Anyone else won’t be able to see it for the sake of your privacy.

Do you still update about the Kemper Project or other activities about the clean coal innovations?

Yes, we do still post and update news about the clean coal innovations and the Kemper Project so everyone will be able to know about it. To see them all, just go to the ‘news’ tab along with the forum and Kemper Project tabs.

Can I be notified when you post news and updates?

Yes, just kindly give us your email and we will make sure to notify you whenever we post new updates.

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