The Kemper Project: Advantages and Disadvantages of Clean Coal

The Kemper Project: Advantages and Disadvantages of Clean Coal

A lot of people must be wondering why government often wants to push the idea of clean coal plantation. Most of the people are against it while a few agree to continue with this clean coal plantation. Well, to tell you the truth, we all know that everything has good and bad sides, advantages and disadvantages, and these include this clean coal technology. I’m here to talk about the pros and cons of clean coal, however, if you want to read more about the Kemper Project, feel free to explore this website. If you are a student or an adult who is curious about it, the best thing to do is visit this place and read more to explore the facts behind the Kemper Project.

As a student, I am also very interested in this Kemper Project and most especially about the clean coal that they want to innovate. We do know how coals really work and help us in our daily lives. It gives heat when the temperature is lower or when it gets colder, it gives energy, and it powers necessary appliances or gadgets. We don’t just usually stock it inside our basement, or discard it in our garage doors with the help of, but we also make use of it all the time. So the real question is what are the things people are afraid of that makes them question clean coal? And, what are the reasons why many people also want this innovation to take place?

First of all, coal also make various damages that might affect not just the environment but also the people themselves. Coal pollute everything that makes contact with it, making more damage and complicating a lot of things. It makes the underground mines unsafe and unhealthy, not to mention that it also causes environmental disasters as a result of the deforestation of mountaintops. Using coal means that we also need to take care of the ash produced every second. Most importantly, it produces a lot of carbon dioxide.

However, even if it creates a lot of damage and produce complications in many ways, the people who support clean coal still think that it is necessary and that we cannot avoid accepting the fact that it has disadvantages as well. These people fight for the fact that coal is the only source of energy that we can use because of its enormous and plentiful supply. They say that we have so many coal, so why not make use of it when it just gives us the advantages as well? With this energy source, we don’t have to make use and take too much advantage of other energy resources that we know to be scare or unsustainable such as fossil fuels. This is the reason why many people want to make use of coal, to not waste its use and make sure not to abuse the other sources when there are some that can also help us a lot.

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