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Simon A.

I have not been in favour of the clean coal and Kemper Project innovation before thinking about it has always put me in a bad mood. It’s obvious that coal has many disadvantages and can seriously be harmful in many ways, however, I get so curious about why people still want to push the idea and the innovation of this project. I searched a lot until I found this website and organization. It clearly tells why we have to put this resource to a good use and not let it waste. This is because coal is actually abundant than any other sources of energy. Thinking a lot about it made me realize that our resources are indeed limited and it will not be there forever, so knowing that there are other solutions like coal has made it easier to find other sources. It was great that my research and this website enlightened me about the clean coal technology and innovation. I was able to know more about it and it let me understand the reason why it is needed.

Dina V.

Hello, Simon! It was so great to know that you’ve been enlightened through our website and got to know more about the project and innovation. We’re thankful that you now know the reasons behind the plans and that you now understand it as well. We are hoping that many people will get to know more about the Kemper Project more and be open to the idea.

Simon A.

Hi, Dina. Yes, it was all thanks to this website and the others that I visited because of my curiosity. It was so good to know more about this issue and I also hope many people would get to explore it as well. I’ll make sure to spread the knowledge I just gained through this site.

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