The Apollo Program: “Nuts”


Back in the 1960s, some critics — some of whom were quite prominent— had some tough words for the Apollo Program to put people on the moon:

- “Moondoggle” – Sociologist Amitai Etizioni

– “Nuts” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

It’s good the naysayers did not prevail.  Rutgers University found that for the $25 Billion that was spent on the Space Program’s research, $181 Billion was gained by the American Economy!

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Today, a small group of similarly minded “thinkers” are trying to stop progress by preventing innovation at Mississippi’s landmark Kemper Power Plant.

The Kemper Project will lead Mississippi in energy technology the same way the U.S. lead the world in 1969, bringing jobs, millions of dollars to local government and place Mississippi on the map for technology growth.

We invite you to browse this website to learn about Kemper and join the conversation with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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