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A New Partnership to Advance Clean Coal

Southern Company has recently announced a new partnership with China’s Shenhua Group. The Shenhua Group, specializing in the development of commercial-scale gasification and integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) solutions, will be working with Southern Company to implement and advance clean coal technologies. Southern Company is currently working to complete construction on their own integrated gasification facility, the Kemper Project, which will be opened later this year. The Kemper plant utilizes KBR’s Transport Gasifier (also known as TRIG), which is a high efficiency gasifier with an elevated rate of lignite-to-gas conversion. This technology operates at lower temperatures, effectively lowering costs while also reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Global Coal: As Iconic as the iPhone

“A lump of coal is a thoroughly ubiquitous 21st-century artifact, as much an emblem of our time as the iPhone. Today coal produces more than 40 percent of the world’s electricity, a foundation of modern life. And that percentage is going up: In the past decade, coal added more to the global energy supply than any other source.” – Wired Magazine, March 2014

The Kemper Power Plant: Leading the World with High-Tech Coal-Based Energy Production

The high-tech, green-tech, clean-coal technology in use at the Kemper power plant is a model of innovation. The technology has application in many regions of the globe.

What’s Good for the World is Good for Mississippi

Southern Company and Mississippi Power are the innovators behind the Kemper Power Plant. The technology in use at Kemper is spreading across the world where energy use and the demand for clean coal is growing rapidly. And as it becomes adopted globally, the benefit comes right back to Mississippi.