Clean Coal


Let’s talk clean coal. And the technology behind it. The Kemper Power Plant is leading the way in this powerful, world-changing, planet-saving revolution.

Wired: Wired Magazine, in its piece called "Renewables Aren't Enough, Clean Coal is the Future" and

Wired Magazine, in its piece called “Renewables Aren’t Enough, Clean Coal is the Future,” says:

“A lump of coal is a thoroughly ubiquitous 21st-century artifact, as much an emblem of our time as the iPhone.”

There are debates about the term “clean coal,” but the proof is in the technology. Capturing 65% of its CO2 emissions, the Kemper Power Plant will ensure utilization of captured carbon emissions by selling it, and other byproducts, for use in enhanced oil recovery, plastics manufacturing, and chemical products.

According to Wikipedia:

“Clean coal a concept for processes or approaches that mitigate emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases that arise from the utilization of coal, mainly for electrical power generation, using clean coal technology. Currently, the term clean coal is used in the coal industry primarily in reference to carbon capture and storage, which pumps and stores CO2 emissions underground, and plants using integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC). IGCC involves coal gasification, which provides a basis for increased efficiency and lower cost in capturing CO2 emissions.[1][2][3][4] Prior to the current focus on carbon capture and storage,[5] the term clean coal had been used to refer to technologies for reducing emissions of NOx, sulfur, and heavy metals from coal combustion”

The Kemper Power Plant is a clean-coal electric power plant using a number of innovative technologies to make it the first commercial-scale, clean coal plant in the United States. Go Mississippi!

Following are some of the significant, innovative technology advances being developed and deployed at the Kemper County Power Plant:

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