About the Kemper Project


Kemper, Mississippi: The Best People on the Planet

Kemper County, Mississippi is home to the best people on the planet. And they’re building an amazing new technology wonder there too. Six thousand engineers, scientists & others are all contributing to the construction of the cleantech, greentech Kemper power plant.

The Kemper Power Plant: Keeping the Air Clean

The Kemper power plant uses innovative technology to give power to Mississippi, keeping the State’s environment clean by preventing pollutants from entering the atmosphere. The power plant is a first-of-its-kind in the US.

Mississippi on the Global Stage

They have a tradition of innovation in Mississippi (think Stennis Space Center) and what they’re up to in Kemper is no exception. That’s why national and international leaders are so often flying in to see what’s going on. It’s because of the high-tech way Kemper is generating energy and keeping the air clean at the same time.

US Energy Secretary Moniz recently took a tour of the Kemper Power Plant

US Energy Secretary Moniz recently took a tour of the Kemper power plant

What Is Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)?

It’s a mouthful! But it basically means the Kemper power plant (which is an IGCC power plant) uses gas to produce electricity. The gas comes from burning a type of coal that’s found right next door to the plant and is called Mississippi lignite. But the way the gas is created keeps the bad stuff from getting into the air. That’s a very good thing.

Local Lignite: Kemper is Helping Mississippi’s Environment Twice!

Since Mississippi lignite is just underground and right next door the plant, there aren’t trucks and trains hauling coal across the state and pumping their fumes into the air.

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