SoCo Is Innovating for All Of Us


Southern Company, sometimes referred to as SoCo, is innovating for all of us. We will all benefit from the bold, strategic moves the company continues to make. Including with the Kemper Power Plant.

But innovation ALWAYS has critics.

In 1995, even one of the inventors of the Internet had spectacular trouble seeing the future. Robert Metcalfe, the person responsible for Ethernet, wrote in InfoWorld magazine: “Almost all of the many predictions now being made about 1996 hinge on the Internet’s continuing exponential growth. But I predict the Internet, which only just recently got this section here in InfoWorld, will soon go spectacularly supernova and in 1996 catastrophically collapse.”

It’s 2014 now and where are you reading this? Yes, the Internet! This page is one of about 30 trillion just like it online. So much for the collapse.


Despite criticism from some who lack vision about the future of global energy innovation, Mississippi Power is boldly leading the way with the Kemper Power Plant. They’re building the first clean coal plant in the United States. Mississippi Power is innovating on behalf of all of us—combining power generation and new ways of reducing greenhouse emissions.

We invite you to browse this website (it’s on the Internet) to learn about Kemper and join the conversation with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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