The Golden Gate Bridge and Kemper: Innovation Always Has Its Critics


Back in 1937, some vocal – but clearly wrong! – critics offered a few “poetic” words for the Golden Gate Bridge which is now key to California’s $105 Billion tourism industry. According to PBS, politicians and orgainzations, including the Sierra Club, were opposed to the bridge because it was:

  • Too Costly
  • Too Risky
  • Too Environmentally Harmful
  • Too Disruptive
  • Unsafe, and
  • Ugly

Today, a small group of similarly minded “thinkers” are trying to stop progress by preventing innovation at Mississippi’s landmark Kemper Project which will bring millions of dollars to our state.  We invite you to browse this website to learn about Kemper and join the conversation with us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also roll your mouse over the postcard to share it.

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