“The Great Highway Robbery” — Innovation Always Has Critics. The Kemper Project Is No Exception


Back in the 1950s, a few Sunday Drivers tried to put the brakes on progress—the progress of the United States Interstate System. The interstate system ended up driving a 500% return to the American people, but these critics still piled up:

High and skinny pyramid of iron ladders, this giant ungainly skeleton upon a base that looks built to carry a colossal monument of Cyclops, but which just peters out into a ridiculous thin shape like a factory chimney. — Guy de Maupassant, Writer.

– “The Great Highway Robbery” – Miami News

– “Our national flower is the concrete cloverleaf.” – Lewis Mumford, American Historian

– “Socialistic Scheme.” – Some members of Congress

Today, a small group of similarly minded “thinkers” are trying to stop progress by preventing innovation at Mississippi’s landmark Kemper Project.

The Kemper Project will boost American Oil Production by 2 million barrels per year and  bring fuel diversity to Mississippi.  If one lane of fuel ever shuts down, the Kemper Power Plant will provide a safer route to energy security.

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#Interstate #Kemper. #Innovation Always Has Its #Critics. #Mississippi

The Kemper Project #Interstate #Kemper. #Innovation Always Has Its #Critics. #Mississippi

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