IGCC Transformation Project Ceremony Held in China.


Dungguan Sunshine Network published an article on their website regarding the restart ceremony of the Dungguan IGCC transformation project. The article has been translated below:

This morning, the Sino-US Clean Coal Technology Seminar cum Dongguan IGCC transformation restart ceremony was held in the city of Dongguan. Dongguan will collaborate with U.S. Department of Energy and some U.S. high-tech energy companies to jointly develop clean and efficient coal gasification power generating technology, promote energy saving among coal-fired power plants, and reduce emission. 

Today, Dongguan has restarted its IGCC transformation project.

Dongguan IGCC transformation project is one of the “863” key research projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The project covers an area of 130 acres. The coal gasification plant is expected to have the capacity to process 1600 tons of coal per day and produce 700 million kwh electricity an­nually. After the project is put into a full-scale operation, it is expected to make annual revenue of 600 million yuan (about 100 million USD), an annual profit of 100 million yuan (about 16.6 million USD), and an annual tax of 60 million yuan (about 10 million USD). In addition, the project will make profit from its byproducts such as sulfur, ammonia, high quality coal ash. Such revenue could reach 10 million yuan (about 1.6 million USD). 

The IGCC design can reduce the emission level of a coal-fired plant to almost zero. It has demonstrated a great prosperity for the industry.

 IGCC is an abbreviation for integrated gasification combined cycle. It is the world’s most advanced and efficient clean coal power generation technology. Using this technique, a power plant can gasify low-grade coal for power generation with only half the cost of natural gas. And the system is also designed to capture and store the carbon dioxide produced in the gasification process to achieve a near-zero carbon emission level. 

Dr. Zhou Di of the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology: “If we can soon master this technology, we could build a foundation for the future development of the market. Moreover, the market development can promote the growth of other related industries such as equipment manufacturing, financial services, and chemical products.”

To find out more information, the following websites have more details about the project leveraging Southern Company and KBR IGCC technology:

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