The Kemper Plant. A Year in Review.


The Kemper Power Plant, or Kemper Project, has come a long way! Let’s take a look back at the impressive milestones and events that have occurred within the past year.

  1. In Q3 of 2013, the final 230kV transmission line was energized! Nearly 100 miles of transmission lines were installed or upgraded.
  2. In September 2013, Kemper’s combustion turbines were fired up! The turbines will help the facility product electricity.
  3. September 2013brought praise to Kemper at the Atlantic Council and Global CCS Institute‘s Advanced Coal Technologies Roundtable.
  4. In October 2013, Kemper’s steam turbine was successfully synched with the electrical grid.
  5. In November 2013 (considerably one of the most exciting months at the plant so far), Department of Energy Secretary, Ernest Moniz, toured the Kemper Plant. While visiting, he said “We need 100 more of these!”.
  6. In November 2013, employees of Mississippi Power and Kemper donated their time to help build a rope course at a local summer camp in Mississippi. The Kemper Community is in full swing!
  7. In March 2014, National Geographic highlighted the Kemper Plant as the potential plant for the future.
  8. In March 2014, Wired says clean coal is the future, and talks Kemper.
  9. It was a busy news month in March! In March 2014, the Guardian also published an article on Kemper, saying it could be the first US plant to capture and store carbon dioxide.
  10. April 2014 brought a new agreement between Southern Company and the Shenhua Group, paving the way for worldwide energy innovation.
  11. April 2014 also brought with is a CELEBRITY to the plant. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. — a NASCAR superstar — toured the clean coal plant.
  12. In June 2014, Norwegian Technocrats visited Kemper to learn all about the progress on the innovative, clean coal energy facility.
  13. In July 2014, tests on Kemper’s gasifiers used to  convert lignite coal to synthetic gas were successful!
  14. In July 2014, Mining Magazine called #Kemper “the cutting edge of today’s state-of-the-art clean-coal plants.”
  15. In August 2014, Kemper successfully turned on the Combined Cycle Unit and to this day is generating power for Mississippi. That’s something to be proud of!
  16. After months of friction, in August 2014, the Sierra Club and Mississippi Power came to a historic agreement, giving an instant, positive impact to helping the environment and proving Carbon Capture Technology is ready to lead Mississippi in clean energy.
  17. In September 2014, United Nations’ Director Jukka Uosukainen was “impressed by work which Kemper has done to safeguard the environment.”
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