Kemper Delay is Announced, Tax Benefit Forfeited


Kemper delay is announced by Southern Company and Mississippi Power.  The company sited extremely poor weather conditions as reasoning for the delay. Mississippi Power CEO Ed Holland has said this schedule slip will not impact ratepayers.

From Reuters:

Southern Co’s $5 billion project to build one of the first coal-fired power plants that captures carbon dioxide emissions will be delayed beyond May and so will miss out on $133 million in tax incentives, the company said in a filing.

Rainy weather in the summer and low labor productivity will delay completion of the plant in Kemper County, Mississippi, until later in the year, Southern said on Wednesday, despite raising the project’s budget in July to meet the May deadline.

Southern can recover $3.8 billion in related costs from Mississippi Power’s 185,000 customers. It said it anticipates no change to customer rates proposed under a plan approved earlier this year by the Mississippi Public Service Commission.

More at Reuters.


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