Why is the Kemper County Energy Facility Right for Mississippi?


Mississippi Power CEO Ed Holland in the Sun Herald: ‘Kemper will move Mississippi forward”.

Mississippi Power is investing in innovation for the future of Mississippi. The Kemper County energy facility, being constructed by 6,000 workers and using 450 Mississippi companies, is expected to demonstrate its value for decades to come.

Its key innovation is to combine a state-of-the-art coal gasification process with carbon capture. The result is a reliable and affordable power source, fueled by Mississippi lignite, and a steady stream of captured carbon to be used for enhanced oil recovery.

We recognize that the road to innovation is not easy. Yes, we have had to increase the cost estimate and adjust the project’s construction schedule. Anytime a first-of-a-kind project is constructed, there can be unexpected costs and delays. But Mississippi Power customers will not pay a penny above the limits agreed to by the Mississippi Public Service Commission and the Legislature.

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