“Mississippi Now Leads the Nation in Power Technology”


“Mississippi now leads the nation in power technology.” That’s a direct quote from Harry C. Alford, President of the Black Chamber of Commerce, in today’s Tri-State Defender. Alford also has this to say:

This will be the beginning of a safe, clean and effective way to ensure our energy needs and be good managers of our environment. The balance of natural gas, oil and clean coal is a winning hand for the American economy and its freedom loving populace. This rivals the works of John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Thank God! America has become fuel independent.


The Kemper Project is owned by Mississippi Power, which is a subsidiary to the Southern Company. Mississippi Power has committed $990 million in Kemper – related costs. If there is a cost overrun Southern Company shareholders, not Mississippi Power customers, will pay every penny of cost above the limit agreed to by the Mississippi Public Service Commission and the Mississippi legislature.


It is also about JOBS, JOBS, and JOBS! More than 450 Mississippi companies have a significant role in the construction of the project. Nearly 12,000 direct and indirect jobs are being created during the construction of the facility. Peak construction employment alone will be nearly 6,000. More than 1,000 direct and indirect permanent positions will be in place once the facility opens.

Read the full piece. It was originally published on the NBCC website as well as on the About Us page on this website. NBCC is the sponsor of MississippiLignite.org.

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