Major Testing Milestones Reached at Kemper.


Major milestones have been accomplished at Kemper in the past two months. In July, two testing milestones were successfully passed, and in August, the plant’s combined cycle unit became operational.

The Wall Street Journal released an article on Mississippi Power’s Kemper County energy facility and their latest milestone tests.  The coal plant, currently under construction, passed testing on both the combined cycle unit and the pressure testing of the two gasifiers.  These tests included successfully running the unit using natural gas to validate its ability to make electricity.  Mississippi Power’s Vice President of Generation Development, John Huggins, called it a, “major accomplishment towards our goal of placing the combined cycle into service before the end of summer.”

Earlier this summer pneumatic pressure testing took place, ensuring the safety of all of the gasifiers’ assembled parts, check for any leaks, and ensure the gasifiers can handle the air and gas pressure of start-up.  Once fully operational, the Kemper County energy facility will begin delivering safe, reliable, and made-in Mississippi electricity to Mississippi Power customers.

These successful tests are an indication of continued progress in activating the facility, which is scheduled to occur in 2015.

Shortly after the combine cycle unit was successfully tested, it became commercially operational. Today, the Kemper Plant is now able to serve energy to its customers. Officials have said this is the most important milestone to date. Read more from WLOX here!

The next major milestone to look forward to is the testing of the plant’s gasifiers. The gasifiers are the core of the process that will convert lignite fuel to synthetic gas.

(Headline Photo Credit to Mississippi Power)

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