Kemper & TRIG Technology Highlighted.


In a January, 2015 article titled “Security Within Reach” author Marc C. Hebert, a partner with Jones Walker LLP, addresses three important questions with respect to domestic energy security in the United States:

  1. Are we establishing the necessary foundation for long-term energy security?
  2. Do we have a plan to manage the environmental effects of global development and increased energy demand?
  3. Are our energy and environmental policies working hand-in-hand to promote economic growth and stability, including job creation and increasing exports?

In the article, Hebert discusses Transport Integrated Gasification and highlights that the “TRIG technology is installed in the first ever coal gasification plant in Kemper County, Mississippi, and its CO2 offtake will support the EOR production for producers along the Gulf Coast region.”

Hebert states “Between the coal, power generation, and oil and gas industries, these new technologies could possibly provide a profitable pathway to energy security in the US for the next 100 years, if not longer. What’s more, this technology transforms what was once considered an unusable and not highly sought after type of coal into a marketable coal that transforms CO2 into a valuable commodity and resource, while generating power and producing oil and gas. This is an opportunity that the United States cannot afford to ignore.”

To read the “Security Within Reach” article in its entirety go here.


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