“Inside the Dome,” Told by Kemper (September 25, 2015)


Happy Friday!

This week Kemper hit two big milestones!

Kemper Achieves “World Class” Level of Reliability: Since operations began at Mississippi Power’s Kemper Plant on August 9, 2014, it is estimated that the reliability of Kemper’s combined cycle has saved customers approximately $15 million dollars due to the unit’s modern efficiency and low maintenance costs. “I’ve been in the power industry for more than 30 years. I’ve worked around all sorts of power plants, but what Kemper has achieved is a world class level of reliability, especially for a new installation,” said Jeff Parsley, plant manager. “That outstanding rate means this plant is now typically available 99 percent of the time to provide our customers with reliable, affordable electricity.” Kemper’s power output has replaced that which had previously been derived from much older, less efficient facilities in the Mississippi Power fleet.


Milestone Completed at Heart of Kemper Plant: As construction at Mississippi Power‘s Kemper County energy facility is wrapping up and startup activities are under way, workers have completed packing the plant’s six carbon dioxide (CO2) absorbers and both hydrogen sulfide (H2S) absorbers. Together, these vessels make up the heart of the Kemper plant’s carbon capture and chemical product production capability. The vessels are a focal point both optically and operationally of Kemper, making up the “chemical removal” portion of this unique complex, slated to turn what would otherwise be pollutants into valuable, saleable products before the remaining lignite-derived syngas is used to generate electric power.

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