Gulf Coast Energy Forum 2014 – The Kemper Power Plant.


The Gulf Coast Energy Forum wrapped up on June 5, 2014 in Mobile Alabama with keynote addresses from US Representative Bradley Byrne (R-AL), and Patrick Sheehan, Director of Florida’s Office of Energy.  Discussions centered around the recent EPA regulations changes, which set a national target of lowering carbon-dioxide emissions by 25% by 2020 and 30% by 2030.  While this was the key topic for many of the 100 Energy Forum attendants, there were many views expressed on what’s happening now and what the energy sector could look like in the future:

“By 2020, with the energy production we’re seeing here domestically, we could see $750-$1000 in each family household’s pockets.” Patrick Sheehan, Director, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

“We all have the same concerns about affordability, availability and access.  Those 3 A’s are very very important to Mississippians and to other South Eastern states.  Our demographics are such, our people are so much alike, and our incomes are so very close in relation to each other, that we have a vested interest in making sure that what we do in Mississippi and in other states in the South benefit our consumers and our constituents.  The way we do that is to have one solid voice working for all of us.” -Terry Burton, Mississippi State Senator and Chairman of Energy Committee

“So proud of what we’re doing and it is a technological marvel.  I tell everyone that I talk to about it you really can’t believe it until you’ve actually been on the ground and seen what we’re accomplishing there.” Ed Holland on the Kemper Power Plant, CEO, Mississippi Power Company

For more details on the 2014 Gulf Coast Energy Forum, check out Consumer Energy Alliance’s article here.

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