Glenn McCullough, A Strong Supporter of the Kemper County Plant.


Mississippi Business Journal’s Alan Turner recently met with Glenn McCullough, head of the MDA, to discuss some of his thoughts and perspectives on energizing Mississippi’s economic development effort. According to Turner’s article, McCullough sees the whole field of economic development as a “team effort”, suggesting that “we all need to work together and across county lines. If we do that, I think the possibilities in Mississippi are virtually limitless.” With McCullough’s TVA background, he believes energy is one of the important elements of building a healthy and growing economy. He continues to be a strong supporter of the Kemper County plant, and echoes the position of Mississippi Power that fuel costs will be volatile in the long term, “and that long term is the perspective we need to adopt.” As he sees it, Kemper is built on solid, proven “clean technology” and Mississippi is going to benefit from its contribution to energy needs over a period of decades.

“We Mississippians are basically an energetic people. We have strong values, and I am convinced if we work together and share a common vision, Mississippi’s best days are ahead, not behind us. Overall, I think it’s all about forging the right partnership between the public and private sectors, understanding that we all share the same objectives, and rolling our sleeves up and getting to work.”

To read more about Turner’s interview with Glenn McCullough, go here. A video of interview can be seen on YouTube.

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