Kemper Plant’s Fire Chief Discusses TRIG With the Obadiah Homemaker Volunteers Club.


At the July meeting of the Obadiah Homemaker Volunteers Club, Ron Somers, fire chief of the Kemper County IGCC Plant, explained the process developed to make lignite useful known as Transport Integrated Gasification (TRIG). According to Somers, the United States has the largest coal reserves in the world. Through TRIG technology, lignite is turned into a clean gas while reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 65 percent, making Co2 emissions equivalent to a similarly sized natural gas combined cycle power plant.

Somers said 6,000 people have been employed at the Kemper Plant and once operational, the Kemper Plant will create $30 million annually for Mississippi.

Mississippi now LEADS the nation in power technology. Somers said the goal is to attract new businesses to the state because of the low cost power supply!

To read more about the meeting, see the Meridian Star article.

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